Rosemary Tea Recipe
In this guide I go through the steps on how to make rosemary tea. It is surprisingly easy to make and won’t take you long to master.

You can use either fresh or dried rosemary depending what you have I would personally lean towards using fresh. The main difference between the two is the amount you brew with the water.

The thing to look out the most when making this tea is the brewing time. If you brew the tea for not long enough it will be weak and not really beneficial. If you brew it for too long, it may taste funny and not be very enjoyable.

There are many health benefits of rosemary tea so it’s a great beverage to be drinking. It’s rich of antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. It’s a great tea to have when you’re feeling a bit of a cold is coming on or just looking at healthy alternatives to other drinks.

This tea is known to also help with digestive problems. It is recommended that drinking 3 cups of this tea a day will help with any digestive problems that you may be having. If you’re in severe pain or your digestive problems won’t go away, then be sure to make sure you see a doctor to help find the cause of your problem.

I have put together a video on how to make rosemary tea above, if you love seeing things visually then be sure to watch it (It’s super short). It will take you through all the steps and the correct timing to getting that perfect cuppa.

Rosemary Tea Recipe

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