Coffee Brewing Methods: Master the Art of Coffee Making

Coffee Brewing MethodsThere are a lot of different coffee brewing methods around so you may be wondering what is the best for you. This comes down to really how much time you have, room in your kitchen and the style of coffee you like.

If you enjoy unfiltered coffee than using a Turkish coffee maker is better suited for you but if you prefer a clean but strong coffee then maybe an espresso maker is best. If you just like your coffee plain then the French press, vacuum coffee maker and others are best for you.

In the guides below we take a look at the many coffee making methods that there are around. Each of the devices we look into have their own coffee making techniques for getting the perfectly brewed coffee.

Vacuum Coffee Maker: The Coolest Looking Coffee Maker?

A vacuum coffee maker is an impressive way brew up some coffee! Due to the way you make coffee with this device you can put quite a show on for your guests and the coffee it produces is actually pretty good. In this guide we take a look on what a vacuum coffee maker...

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How to use a Stovetop Espresso Maker in 8 Dead Easy Steps

The stovetop espresso maker is a great little device that sits on top of an electric or gas stove. You can also find variants of this that have their own burner, so you don’t need to place it on your stovetop. These are great and very affordable for those who would...

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8 Simple Steps on How to Make Plunger Coffee

In this guide, I go through the steps on how to make plunger coffee. Now, this sounds like a pretty simple process however it can be a bit confusing to anyone who has already just drunk instant coffee. I also go through some helpful tips that you might not know of...

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As we mentioned above there are a lot of different coffee making methods. In this section we take a look at each method and the equipment you will use to brew with. Using equipment such as the vacuum coffee maker isn’t as straightforward to use when you compare it to something like the French press.

When it comes to the different coffee brewing methods they’re all relatively easy to do. The main difference between most of them is the flavour/strength and obviously the time it takes to do a brew up.

A great example of this is the French press vs the vacuum coffee maker. The French press is a relatively easy and fast process resulting in a pretty good coffee. The vacuum coffee maker takes a little longer and the result can be hit and miss.

If you already have your coffee making techniques down pat and just after coffee recipes, then be sure to check them out. It is an ever growing list that will go well beyond just coffee drink varieties. We will also look at yummy cakes, meals and much more.

The grind of the coffee also heavily impacts the coffee brewing methods you should use. For example, a fine grind is better suited for use with a Turkish coffee maker but isn’t recommended for use with a French press.

If you’re new to making freshly brewed coffee instead of just using instant coffee, then hopefully these coffee brewing methods will help you achieve coffee greatness. Once you go to freshly brewed coffee it’s very hard to go back.

We have some really cool coffee mugs so if you’re looking at jazzing up what you drink out of then be sure to check them out. If you love having milk and sugar in your freshly brewed coffee, then you should check out something like the self-stirring mug.

We hope you enjoy these guides on coffee brewing methods. Remember to check back in the future as we will constantly be updating with more and more guides. If you follow us on social networks, you will be kept up to date!

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